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ETUNG RTK products are widely used in precision agriculture production

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With the development of Beidou and GPS satellite navigation technology, precision agriculture is becoming more and more popular. In order to improve the efficiency of a series of agricultural production, such as sowing, dressing, fertilization, harvesting, reduce the cost of labor, and improve the land utilization rate, a series of automatic equipment for agricultural production were being used, such as agricultural machinery navigator, and satellite grader, etc.


The special RTK products (RTK router and RTK DTU) that support RTK precise positioning were launched by ETUNG technology in 2019. These products fully comply with industrial request, support multiple communication method (4G, or WiFi ), multiple data interface, and Ntrip protocol. These products also support multi center data communication. Because of their advantages of easy to use and stability, ETUNG RTK products, such as RTK router and RTK DTU were widely accepted and replaced the traditional radio stations in the precision positioning system.

ETUNG technology's special products for RTK precise positioning support various  networking mode, such as point to point, point to multipoint, point to center, multipoint to multi-center etc. For precision agriculture applications, our RTK products support self-built base station mode, as well as Ntrip network or self built CORS system. They are suitable for various agricultural production situations and customer demands for automatic operation of all kinds of agricultural machine.


The picture below shows the real installation of ETUNG RTK product (MD-649R) in a farm in Shanxi Province. The RTK base station uses one set of MD-649R, and each agricultural machine is equipped with one set of MD-649R as a mobile station to form a small RTK positioning network. Compared with the previous radio station, ETUNG RTK products not only reduce the power consumption, but also improve the communication speed. They have better anti-interference ability, and can quickly achieve the real-time transmission of RTK data, so that the agricultural machinery can be operated accurately according to the planned path.